Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ryo Natoyama/ Urabe Custom Sycamore Tenor

Here is a custom Tenor sized ukulele made of Sycamore by Ryo Natoyama and Urabe String Works in Kyoto, Japan. This ukulele's body is entirely Sycamore, a hardwood from the Maple family. This Sycamore is very figured, much like you would use for violin or viola construction. The neck is of the same material. Rosewood fingerboard, bridge, and faceplate. Abalone inlays on the fingerboard, rosette, full top panel purfling, logo with scrolling, and name on fingerboard. Zero fret makes for low action and less buzz. Gotoh open gear tuners. High grade nito finish. Pickup system ( MiSi ? ). Full binding on top/back/heelcap. Strap buttons. Custom lable featuring Ryo as an assistant builder. Dated 3/2008.
This is a great ukulele. Ryo went to learn and build with Mr. Urabe in Kyoto. He is also an acclaimed ukulele player and composer. All of this has been accomplished before Ryo has graduated from high school! If you have not seen him play, then I would encourage you to do so. If you are an ukulele afficionado who has yet to attempt building, I hope this will inspire you to try your hand at luthiery as well. Thanks to the Natoyama family for allowing me to feature this instrument.

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