Thursday, November 26, 2009

G-String Custom Tenor

Here is a G-String Tenor "full custom". This is a somewhat misleading title, as a real full custom would have some feature that is normally not standard on one of these models. A cutaway, extra inlay, different headstock, more strings, etc.. This instrument is the highest level normally available G-String tenor. The body is entirely curly Hawaiian Koa. The top features a binding. Mahogany neck. Abalone rosette, position markers, and logo inlays. Grover gold side gear tuners. Rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Spruce bracing. High gloss finish. The G-String tenor has been one of the best tenor sized ukuleles produced in quantity in Hawaii for many years now. Located in Halawa, the G-String crew makes a wide variety of regular and custom model ukuleles. Easy to play with a soft tone is how I might characterize these instruments. This instrument is now with it's new happy owner, but we can always get this model. Please contact Ukulele Puapua. Mahalo!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Island Ukulele Concert

Here is a Concert Deluxe from Island Ukulele in Kaua'i. Island has recently upgraded their shop equipment, and the results are a more precise and accurate ukulele. The body is all very curly Hawaiian Koa. The neck is mahogany, and the bridge and fingerboard are ebony. Jumbo frets, and abalone position markers and logo inlays. White side position markers, Grover side gear tuners, Spruce bracing, GHS strings, and gloss finish. Island Ukulele also uses a bolt on neck, and there is quite a bit of ovation to the back. This ukulele is currently available for purchase. Please contact Ukulele Puapua. Mahalo!

Monday, November 23, 2009

National Resonator Mahogany Sunburst

Here is an unusual ukulele for everyone to enjoy. This is a resonator ukulele from National. This instrument is somewhat vintage, probably from around 20-25 years ago. It is in excellent condition, and the resonator cone is still in fine condition. The body is all mahogany, with a mahogany neck, and stainless steel resonator well. There is a rosewood fingerboard, and tortoise binding and faceplate. White position markers, and grover style friction tuners. The tone of this instrument is quite clear with a pleasant twang. There are a couple of manufacturers that are currently producing a resonator style ukulele. National and Regal are the most famous, and I can also recommend Mya-Moe out of Colorado. This particular ukulele is in fine condition for it's age, and plays very easily up and down the fretboard. This ukulele is available! Please contact Ukulele Puapua. Mahalo!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Moore Bettah Soprano with Lower Bout Side Hole

Here is a brand new Soprano with rope binding and lower bout player's side hole from Chuck Moore of the Big Island. This beautiful instrument is on par with other Moore Bettah ukuleles that I have featured from time to time. I have always maintained that these are some of the finest instruments being built in the sate of Hawaii. This particular instrument is all koa body, and koa faceplate. Mahogany neck. Rosewood fingerboard, bridge, and heelcap. Full Rope Binding on the top, back, sides, bottom strip, and headstock. Rope binding is handmade. Not prefabridated. M.O.P. logo and postition marker inlays. Grover gold sidegear tuners with ebony buttons. High gloss finish. This is one of the finest vintage style sopranos currently in production. This instrument is available. Please contact Ukulele Puapua. Mahalo!