Saturday, October 31, 2009

G-String Full Custom Tenor Triple Rosette Gavin's

Here is a very special G-String Full Custom Tenor. This ukulele is another from the collection of Gavin Ono, who has assembled one of the finest selections of ukuleles I have seen. Especially for someone so young! Anyhow, this ukulele is made of all extremely curly Hawaiian Koa. The neck is mahogany. Ebony fingerboard and bridge. Koa faceplate and backplate ( very nice ). White binding. Abalone purfling on the soundboard. Triple abalone rosette. Abalone logo. Grover tuning pegs. This ukulele has a very unusual headstock. I have seen the G-String electric guitar style triangular headstock before. However, this ukulele's headstock is even more extreme than usual. Half the thickness of the "G-head", and with a notched top. The 'G' is also inlaid specially. This is one of the finest G-String custom tenors that I have come across. There is one issue that has developed with this instrument. It is a common issue for many ukuleles, and that is why I am featuring it. Coat checking. That is when the finish starts to spiderweb crack. It can be seen in the final picture. The lesson to be learned is to use a humidifier. Mahalo.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Moore Bettah Super Concert Custom Koi


Here is a brand new Super Concert from Moore Bettah Ukulele on the Big Island of Hawaii. Chuck builds some of the finest ukuleles that I have ever played. Both aesthetically and tonally superior instruments. This ukulele is a long necked concert with a Koi motif inlaid onto the headstock. The body is all very curly Hawaiian Koa. Single panel top and bottom ( rare nowadays). Mahogany neck. Ebony binding on the top and bottom. Ebony fingerboard, bridge, faceplate, heelcap, and bottom strip. Gover side gear tuners with ebony buttons. Player's soundhole on the lower bout also bound in ebony. BWB purfling on the back. Abalone purfling on the soundboard. Abalone rosette, bridge accents, position markers. M.O.P. side position markers. Koi motif inlaid into headstock with abalone, M.O.P. and various semi-precious stone. Coconut palms, lilies, and Koi . This is a very fine insrument that is ideal for collectors and enthusiasts. Please contact Ukulele Puapua for more information. Mahalo!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pickguard Creation for Ko'olau Tenor by Gavin Ono


Today I would like to give a brief demonstration of how we would outfit an ukulele with a custom pickguard. Pickguards are used by many people, especially those who use picks or their nails a lot. This pickguard was fashioned out of solid ebony. The ebony plank was cut into thin veneers, and then further sanded down to get them very thin. The panels need to be very thin so that they don't kill the sustain of the instrument. After the panels are at proper thickness, then the shaping of the panels can begin. The panels must be hand traced and shaped as each ukulele varies slightly. Shaping is done with a utility tool, and with sand paper of various grit. When a rough shaping is done, the panels are temporarily mounted onto the instrument to make sure that the lines will match up. Final shaping and sanding then takes place, and when the panels are of satisfactory thickness and smoothness, they are mounted onto the instrument "permanently". I hope that this helps the readers to understand this process a little better. Mahalo.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DeVine #100 Commemorative Tenor "Vine" Custom

Here is the one that you all have been waiting for. Eric DeVine's 100th ukulele. This full custom tenor is all Hawaiian curly Koa. Even the neck is solid curly Hawaiian Koa. Curly Koa binding on the top, bottom, and fingerboard. BWB purfling all around. Abalone purfling and rosette on the soundboard. Abalone and M.O.P. fingerboard and body custom inlay. Ebony fingerboard, bridge, heelcap, and faceplate. Waverly tuners with ebony buttons. Side player's sound hole. Kasha hybrid bracing. Pink Box maturation. M.O.P./abalone/Tahitian Black M.O.P./Paua/Gold M.O.P. logo. Bridge Doctor. MiSi active/passive Pickup. Aquila strings. This ukulele has custom inlays all over it. The motif is a vine theme for DeVine. There will be a matching tenor in Brazillian Rosewood/100 year Cedar coming soon. This instrument is very special. A collector/player/afficionado's dream. Plays extremely well. All the way up and down the fingerboard. Very full, deep, rich lows, and bright, crisp, clear highs. This ukulele is currently available. Please contact Ukulele Puapua for more information. Mahalo