Thursday, October 15, 2009

DeVine #94 Super Concert Full Custom All Koa Super Concert

Here is a very special DeVine Long Neck Concert Full Custom #94 from Eric DeVine in Lahaina, Maui. I have been an advocate for DeVine for years now. I do consider him to be one of the finest ukulele builders that I have ever come across. This instrument is no exception. The extremely curly Hawaiian Koa is quite red. Ebony bridge, fingerboard, faceplate, heelcap, and tuner buttons. Mahogany neck. Waverly tuners. Full Abalone purfling on the soundboard. Abalone rosette. Abalone full custom inlay on the fingerboard in the shape of a hibiscus. Abalone purfling on the fingerboard also. Koa binding on the fingerboard also. BWB purfling between the ebony and the abalone, and the abalone and the koa binding. BWB between all joints also. This ukulele just sings. The long neck adds some beefiness to the voice of the instrument. Strung with a low G it is very full and rich in tone and sustain. Excellent action. Excellent ukulele. This instrument comes with an Ameritage custom case. If you are insterested, please contact Ukulele Puapua in Hawaii. Mahalo! Tyler

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  1. WOW! This is a beautiful ukulele!
    It's super curly and dazzling!!