Saturday, October 10, 2009

GKU Semi-Custom Tenor Spruce Top


Here is a Semi-Custom Tenor from GKU. This ukulele has a solid Hawaiian Koa back and sides, spruce top, ebony binding on the top and on the headstock. Pheasantwood bridge and fingerboard. Koa rosette. Gotoh tuners. Zero fret. GKU ukuleles are quite nice. They have very clean lines, and are easy to play and hold. This ukulele is about 5 years old now, but is still in near mint condition. When ukulele are properly cared for, and not abused, they can stay fresh and new for quite some time. The owner of this ukulele came in for a lesson with Bruce, and I recognized the ukulele when he was playing it because I sold it to him years ago. He was kind enough to let me photograph his instrument. Mahalo. Tyler

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