Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ko'olau Pineapple Concert 100

Here is a Ko'olau Pineapple Concert 100. It is the first that I have seen. It has an all koa body, and a mahogany neck. Ebony fingerboard, bridge, faceplate, and heelcap. Abalone rosette, and M.O.P. logo and position markers. This instrument has a nitro satin finish, and Gotoh geared side tuners. This is a very precise and clean instrument. A good option for anyone looking for a pineapple shaped ukulele, especially if you would like something elegant. This ukulele plays very easily, and comes with it's own hard shell Ko'olau case. Mahalo.

Friday, August 28, 2009

LoPrinzi Concert Model A Mahogany Sunburst

Here is a Concert sized Model A from Mr. LoPrinzi in Florida. This ukulele is all mahogany in construction. The fretboard and bridge are in rosewood, and the instrument has been finished with a sunburst pattern. There are not many ukuleles that have a sunburst finish, and this is amongst the most reasonable of the handbuilt variety. The logo is in M.O.P., and it is equipped with friction tuners and Aquila strings. Mr. LoPrinzi is amongst the most respected ukulele makers, and his instruments are endorsed by the legendary Ohta San. Good enough for him, good enough for you too. =) Mahalo

Thursday, August 27, 2009

DeVine No. 93 Concert Koa with P/U + Abalone Purfling


Here is a beautiful concert ukulele from Eric DeVine on Maui. This ukulele, the 93rd that he has built is made of extremely curly Hawaiian Koa. The body and fingerboard are bound in maple. The bridge, fingerboard, faceplate, and heelcap are all in ebony. Abalone purfling, and logo of abalone, M.O.P., black tahitian M.O.P., and paua. Hibiscus sound hole, and side player sound hole. There is an active MiSi undersaddle pickup that can be charged. The fingerboard is radiused, and there is a bridge doctor employed in the body. This instrument comes in it's own custom case. If you are looking for the very best in ukuleles, I would really encourage you to try one of these. The tone and playability are off of the chart, and the aesthetics leave nothing to be desired. Just awesome. Mahalo.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ko'olau Tenor 100 Very Curly Koa

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I was under the weather, but am back now, and have a bunch of great new ukuleles to share with you. Today is a piece that I have been saving to share for a little while. A Ko'olau Tenor 100 in Hawaiian Koa. The body is in extremely curly Hawaiian Koa. The neck is mahogany, with spruce bracing and ebony fingerboard, bridge, faceplate, and heelcap. M.O.P. logo and position markers. Gotoh tuners and abalone rosette. Nitro Satin finish. This is one of the curliest ukes that I have seen in a while. The curl is very tightly lined, and it did not show up really well in the photos, but trust me, it is deep and translucent. Mahalo.