Monday, August 10, 2009

Japan Summer 09 Tour with Kanile'a


The Souza ohana, and the Ohana ohana.

Joe and Kristen trying Japanese appetizers. Yummy!

Joe at the Ohana shop in Kishiwada, Osaka.

Dotonbori Giant Crab.


Umano San (OHANA), and Daisuke Maeda from the band FULARE PAD. If you don't have their CD, please get it! They are a great band, and nice guys too.

At the Ukulele Super Jam Osaka with Kanile'a, Ohana, and Miki Gaki store manager Fukui San.

A father and son playing a duet on the ukulele. Perhaps you know them.

Asakusa Temple

Poepoe Ukulele with Sekiguchi San. Yutenji, Tokyo


Ohana Ukulele and Garden Shop in Kishiwada, Osaka
Here are some shots from the first of our summer tours to Japan this year with Joe and Kristen from Kanile'a Ukulele. They were AWESOME!!! Very nice people, and very hard workers on our trips together. They were willing to try everything, and they did a fantastic job of promoting Kanile'a Ukulele all over Japan. I hope that they had a great time also, and we are all looking forward to doing it again next year. Mahalo,

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