Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ukulele Pupaua Original Concert 3rd Generation Prototype

Here is the newest prototype from Puapua. This model will follow up our original concert ukulele. This instrument has an all curly koa construction, with a mahogany neck, and ebony bridge and fingerboard. There is a curly koa faceplate and curly koa tuner buttons. Abalone rosette, full body purfling, and logo inlay. High gloss polyeurethane finish, tortoise binding, M.O.P. position markers, spruce bracing, koa heel cap, and a stringer through the neck for stability and sustain. This ukulele is very light and easy to play. It has a pleasant tone, and good sustain. I would rank it amongst the best of the import ukuleles that I have come across. This is the prototype, so let's hope that the full run will be just as beautiful and great sounding. Mahalo!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

KoAloha Second Generation Concert 1998 All Koa

Here is a very rare KoAloha Concert from 1998. This is a second generation model, so it has an all koa construction. Koa body, neck, bridge, fingerboard, and bracing. No unibrace is used on this model, so it is very early indeed. Second generation crown logo sticker on the inside, and high gloss nitro finish. The bridge on this model is very large compared to the newest bridges. These instruments have a great tone, and the all koa neck ukuleles surely have their own ring to them. I get these early pieces every now and then, so keep your eye out if you are interested. Mahalo!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

KoAloha 1996 First Generation Soprano All Koa


Here is a very special piece. This is one of the first KoAloha to be produced by Alvin Okami and family. A first generation soprano with the original label! This ukulele features an ALL KOA construction. Koa neck, fingerboard, bridge, and bracing. This ukulele is so early that it does not feature the "unibrace" system that KoAloha now uses on all of it's instruments. Single panel front, back, and sides create more resonance and sustain in my opinion. The newest KoAloha are great as well, but there is just something special about this first generation of instruments. They are becoming increasingly hard to find, especially in good condition. This one came from the KoAloha factory, so it is in prime condition! I will follow this up with a first generation concert tomorrow. Mahalo!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ko'olau Pineapple 100SP Tenor Curly Koa

Here is a beautiful Tenor 100SP Pineapple Ko'olau ukulele in curly Hawaiian Koa. This instrument features an all Koa body, with a mahogany neck, and a slotted headstock. The bridge, fingerboard, faceplate, and binding are all ebony. There is a bwb purfling between the top and the ebony binding. M.O.P. position markers, and logo inlay. Abalone rosette. Gotoh tuners, and satin finish round out the features. I showcased a Tenor 100 pineapple before, but this is first of the 100SP. If you want a very high level pineapple, this would be an excellent choice. Comes with Ko'olau hard shell case. Mahalo.