Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kanile'a K-1 UV G6 Guitarlele Spalted Koa

This is a Guitarlele from Kanile'a Ukulele in Kane'ohe. Joe and Kristen make one of the finest guitarlele in Hawaii. This instrument is like a tiny guitar, but tuned in the same way that an ukulele would be tuned. ADGCEA from Bass to Treble. This instrument has a baritone scale, and the same nut width as a standard guitar, so the string spacing is comparable. I really enjoy playing this model, and recommend it to all of those guitarists who just can't seem to convert to four strings. This ukulele is make out of solid Koa, with a mahogany neck, and a polyester UV finish. Kanile'a is the only major label in Hawaii that is currently offering a UV gloss finish. This instrument features a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and a maple logo inlay. The spalted Koa that was used for the body has a very interesting pattern to it, and the tone and playability are excellent. Mahalo.

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