Wednesday, September 2, 2009

KoAloha Sceptre Concert Prototype

Here we have one of the prototypes for the Sceptre from Pops KoAloha. This was one of the original 5 or 6 that were produced when Pops transitioned from a tenor body and neck to a concert body and neck Sceptre. Now all Sceptres have a tenor body, and a concert neck. This is a special instrument because it is all concert, signed by Pops before it was finished so the signature will never come off, and because it has a different bridge than other Sceptres. All Koa concstruction, with a mahogany neck. Koa bridge, and Koa fingerboard with Koa binding. This instrument has a great design and projects like it's amplified. Easy to play, this ukulele comes stock with KoAloha strings, which are amongst my favorite. Mahalo.

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