Sunday, April 1, 2012

It has been a while my ukulele friends, but I am at last ready to continue where I left off with this ukulele blog. I hope that your life is made as wonderful as mine has because of the ukulele!

Here is a Ka-Lai (Sam Kamaka & John Lai) brand pineapple shaped ukulele from the early 1930s. It still has it's original finish and wooden tuning pegs. The body is all solid mahogany, with a mahogany neck. the fingerboard is built into the neck as was the custom back then. It is appointed with a nice wood rope binding and rosette, and the pineapple decal between the bridge and the sound hole is almost completely intact. Very nice label condition, and the small crack on the back has been repaired quite nicely. This ukulele plays very nicely and has a bright clear sound with warm mids. It can be difficult to find instruments from this era that play nicely, especially above the 5-7th fret. This ukulele is in a private collection. Thanks to the owner for allowing me to take photographs and share them with you.


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