Tuesday, December 29, 2009

D'angelico Tenor Tiple Ukulele


John D'angelico (1905-1964) built some of the finest archtop guitars ever made. He learned how to make instruments from his great uncle Signor Ciani who was famed for his mandolin and flat top guitars. Mr. D'angelico further studied violin making and the classical influence is apparent in his f-hole archtops. He was able to produce about 35 instruments a year at the peak of production. While D'angelico guitars are not noted for exceptional power or volume, they do possess an exceptionally smooth mellow tone, fantastic sustain, and such balance that every note up and down the fingerboard is said to ring with the same clarity and volume. These instruments are excellent for stage or studio. D'angelico mandolins are exceedingly rare as well. There were only 3 ukuleles made by John D'angelico. One is a Spruce top Tenor that resides in the American Guitar Museum in New York. The second is a mahogany standard from the 30s. The last is this Tenor Sunburst Tiple. Perhaps the only D'angelico ukulele that is available on the open market.

This instrument is available through Ukulele Puapua. Please inquire with Tyler for more details, or to set up a viewing of the instrument. Mahalo.

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