Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ukulele Guild of Hawaii 2009

From left to right. Mike Chock Tenor, Road Toad Tenor, Road Toad Soprano.

Eric DeVine's full custom parlor guitar. Holy Moley. Yes please.....

I think that my personal favorite this year was this jigsawed tenor ukulele. I have never seen anything like it. What a great idea.

Here is a very creative double necked ukulele (8 string Tenor, and 4 string Concert) from Pahu Kani 'ukulele. Awesome!

Aki from Puapua with Mr. Eric DeVine.

Rising star of the 'ukulele Mr. Kalei Gamiao. If you haven't checked out Kalei's debut CD, shame on you. U bettah go try for listen! Here he shares his stunning full custom Kamaka Tenor.

Mr Takahashi of T's Guitar/Ukulele in Japan (two time winner of Best in Show UGH), along with Kuni Matsui (ukulele insider), and the one and only Ohta San.

Kimo Hussey has been a great supporter of both the UGH and 'ukulele in general. Here he shares a rare Baritone 6 string from Eric DeVine of Lahaina.

Dan Ryerson of Moloka'i shared this Tenor with Florentine cutaway and slotted headstock.

John Ravary's arch top ukuleles. I have been trying to get luthiers to take me up on this for years. These ukuleles are great.

Gavin and I pack up after a live set for the Guild attendees.

"Roy" San from Japan with Owen Holt of Road Toad and his Jazz Uke Bass.

Your truly with the asymmetrical Road Toad tenor.


Here are some shots from the Ukulele Guild of Hawai'i that was held at the Princess Kaiulani Hotel on November 20-21 of this year. The Ukulele Guild is held yearly in Honolulu as an opportunity for local professional and hobbyists to come and showcase their works. This is also an excellent opportunity for ukulele afficionados to do some reasearch and drooling. Lots of drooling. Anyhow, this is the event through which I have gotten to know some of the finest builders both here and abroad. Lately, this event has seen entries from Hawai'i, the mainland U.S., and even Japan! I hope that you will all mark your calendars now for next year's UGH. It is usually held on the weekend of the third week of November. Mahalo!

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