Monday, January 25, 2010


Santa Cruz ukulele corner

Kala Ukulele Booth/ Ukulele Underground viedo shoot

Bootsie Collins

Balalaika and lute style ukuleles

Rickenbacker booth

PRS Electric Guitar Booth

Martin Ukulele corner

MISI pickup booth


Santa Cruz guitar booth

Flea and Fluke booth

Kiwaya/LoPrinzi booth

Collings guitar/ukulele/mandolin

Kamaka Ukulele Booth

Nalu Ukulele Booth

Ko'olau Guitar and Ukulele Booth

Blackbird carbon fiber ukulele and guitars.

Taylor Electric Room

R. Taylor section. Beautiful instruments.

Gretch room/ Rockabilly stage

Fender Room

Fender Telecaster booth

Fender Ukuleles

Eastman Guitars. Great archtops.

Gibson room/booth was much smaller this year than in the past.

Gotoh tuners.

Ibanez electric guitars

Gretch drums.

Oscar Schmidt ukulele wall.

MacPherson Guitars. Phenomenal instruments.
Let's continue with the NAMM tour. This entry will be focused on the various stringed instrument and related booths that were attending NAMM. These booths allow us to see what products the manufacturer is going to introduce this year, and also gives us a chance to try them out, and see what the quality is like. Instruments can look great, but if they don't play well, then there's really no point in persuing them. Here are some of what I consider to be the highlights of the show, as far as booths go. Some of these are not ukulele related, but should be fun for all fans of stringed instruments. Mahalo,

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