Wednesday, June 24, 2009

G-String Full Custom Tenor 8 Gavin

This is a Full Custom Tenor 8 string from G - String ukulele in Halawa. This instrument was custom ordered by Gavin Ono, one of the staff at Puapua. It has a number of unusual features. This instrument has a very curly Hawaiian Koa body, and mahogany neck. The soundboard features abalone purfling and rosette. The fretboard and bridge are made of ebony. The soundboard is also bound with tortoise. This tenor also has a slotted headstock, which helps to keep the weight down on this eight string powerhouse. The body has a nice cutaway, and the ukulele has been outfitted with a Fishman Pro-Blend fully adjustable active undersaddle pickup. This is one of the nicest G-String Full Custom instruments that I have come across.


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  2. I've noticed a few 8 strings strung like this one... with the highest three strings being single strings and the lowest one the only one that's doubled. (unless my eyes are going bad, which they are.) I'm assuming this is for the ease of playing/picking single strings? Is this pretty common?

    Beautiful axe, btw!