Monday, June 29, 2009

Mike Chock Papaya Tenor

Here we have a Papaya shaped Tenor from Mike Chock of Hana Lima 'Ia, the ukulele building school in Honolulu. Mike is one of the leaders of the ukulele building renaissance currently being experienced throughout the world. He has helped to train many of the most respected boutique builders. Here is a fine example of his creative work. This Papaya shaped tenor is made out of figured Mango, with a Western Cedar top, and Spanish Cedar neck. The fretboard and bridge are made of ebony, and the instrument is fully bound in the traditional rope style. There is no soundhole on the soundboard, but rather a port on the side. The bracing is a very highly modified Kasha - Schneider style, and there is an independent/movable saddle only for the G string which allows the player to easily switch between high and low G. M.O.P. fretmarkers, and Gotoh tuners round out the features of this truly unique instrument. Mahalo

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