Monday, June 1, 2009

Ukulele of Hawaii


Welcome to the wonderful world of the ukulele. I will try to share with you some of the special instruments and people that I come across every day. The ukulele has enhanced my life tremendously. It is my hope that by sharing these great experiences, you too will develop a love for the ukulele. Please enjoy. Mahalo,


June 1, 2009:

Just returned from Tokyo and Osaka for the 5th Ukulele Super Jam. This event is held jointly in both cities on consecutive days. Here are some pictures from Osaka with the owners of Kanile'a ukulele. They were kind enough to accompany me to Japan and help to spread some aloha. It is always a pleasure to go to Japan, and experience the enthusiasm that they have for the ukulele. There was some concern over the new influenza that is going around, but we all had an excellent time, and are looking forward to going back in July!!!

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  1. Thank you for spreading the good word about the ukulele. I have been around ukes a long time, and can think of only 1/2 dozen people that really don't like the ukulele.... and others from 4 to 100 that adore these little fun boxes.
    We mess around with ukes and uke stuff in our hobby business UkuleleWorld.Com.... Certainly you are invited to peek around at your convenience. Thanks