Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ko'olau Solid Body Tenor Electric Koa CE-3

Here is a Ko'olau Solid Body Electric Tenor CE-3 ukulele. The body and neck are made out of mahogany, and the top is solid curly koa. The body has been routed out, and it is semi-hollow, which allows for great acoustic tone when playing unplugged, or very warm rich tone when plugged in. This instrument is also ideal for a quiet practice ukulele. The CE-3 features 3 knobs on the soundboard that control volume, treble, and bass. The fretboard, bridge, and headstock faceplate are ebony, and the logo is inlaid in M.O.P.. I find this to be my favorite electric ukulele. I do recommend having a dedicated acoustic, and a dedicated electric ukulele; as opposed to a acoustic-electric. Many players don't consider this type of instrument, but if you want to play jazz, blues, rock, or anything that involves picking, you should give one a try. Mahalo

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